Why Us ?

We are in the family business which is having the history of more than 50 years. Since the inception of the family business.

ideas Seals

We provide wide range of seal kits consist of different seals used by OEMs in their machines, hydraulic cylinders, other applications and also customise as per the requirement of the customer.


Heavy Duty, Roller Chains, Silent, Short Pitch, etc of Japanese make, of Tsubaki Moto Chain Co., Japan, Pulton Chain Co. Japan, Enuma Chain Co., Japan (EK), and of Diamond Chain Co. U.S.A. and India and Rolon India.


Filters used in light, medium and heavy duty machines for Air, water seprator, hydraulic, lube oil, Fuel,Diesel, and more of Fleetguard USA, Baldwin USA, Luberfiner USA, Sakura make.

intro Seal Type

We had and are being scattered thousands of seals of different sizes, profile, type and so on to the different industries like sugar, cement, original Equipment Manufacturer, dealer, distributor, earthmover, miner, machine operator, cylinder manufacturer, earthmovign spare parts providers and manyassociated with different fields.

Reciprocating Seals

Hydraulic Piston Seals
Hydraulic Rod Seals
Hydraulic Scrapers/Hydraulic
Hydraulic Wear Rings
Pneumatic Piston Seals
Pneumatic Rod Seals
Pneumatic Scrapers/Pneumatic Wipers
Polyurethane Scrapers/Polyurethane Seals
Rubber Scrapers/Rubber Seals
Spring-energized Seals

Static Seals

Airframe Seals
Back-Up Rings/O-Rings
Bonded Seals
FEP Encapsulated O-ring
Face Seals
Gas Filled O-ring
Inflatable Air Seals
Metal C-Rings
Metal O-rings
Metal Seals
Piston Seals
Rod Seals

Rotary Seals

Axial Shaft Seals
Cassette Seals
Elastomeric Shaft Seals
PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals
Radial Lip Seals
Radial Oil Seals
Rubber Seals/Rubber Lip Seals
Spring-energized Seals

Oil Seals

German & Japanese make Oil Seal of make NOK, NDK, CR, NATIONAL, NAK & TCK areavailable with us in different sizes.

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